Building a Blog

A powerful way to get more traffic is building a blog and using it effectively!

More About Building a Blog:

Having a website builds the fundamentals of your digital presence. However, once you create your website you also want to drive more traffic to it. Building a blog and publishing regularly useful content related to your business is one of the most powerful ways to get more visitors. It has a lot of benefits like enhancing your SEO, building a better relationship with users, and helping to increase your conversions.

The blog should follow the design of the main website as they are part of your common marketing efforts and brand identity. However, despite it is most often integrated as a part of your website, the blog should be considered as an independent channel that helps your entire online marketing mix.

The most important part of a blog is the content of course, but if you want to engage better and achieve more conversions through your content you should carefully adjust other elements of it as well. Such elements are social share buttons, contact forms, comments, related content, content categories, referrals to your services, and more.

The smarter you use your blog the better results it will achieve for you!

Why is this important?

Building useful and related to your services content through your website blog enhances your SEO.

Publishing articles regularly show users that your website is active and makes you more trustworthy.

You can popularize your services and increase your conversions if you use your blog effectively.

Content Syndication:

Having a blog and creating content is great, but you want as many people as possible to see it, right? A smart way to reach more people through your content is by using content syndication. This is the process of republishing your original content on third-party websites. You can use part of your original publication and publish it on another website with a link towards your blog or website (it good to change the wording a bit just in case to avoid duplicate content).

Here are several opportunities to do that:

Medium – this is an online publishing platform specialized in providing quality content in various fields.

Tumblr – it is a microblogging platform where you can very easily post a blog and reach more people.

Reddit – is a communities based platform where users discuss and vote on content that someone has shared.

Quora – is a platform where you can answer and ask questions in a specific field that you are involved in.

LinkedIn – You all know LinkedIn, but do you publish articles on it? It is easy, just go to “Write an article” and write your content.

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