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Increase your quality queries by using a contact form effectively!

More About the Use of a Contact Form:

Having good communication with your users is one of the most important elements to be effective and achieve satisfying result. This is why providing an easy way by which people can reach you is fundamental. Here may come the question “Isn’t it enough just to write down my email in the header, the footer, contacts page, or somewhere else on the website?”. Well, you want quality queries that bring to action, don’t you? And you want more of those, right? To achieve this you need to guide users to ask you those questions. This is where the contact form comes in use!

It is a powerful tool by which you can set the course of communication and personalize it. You can also prompt users to write to you by implementing actionable messages and fields. Give a hint of what could the message include and help people to give you more useful information by checkboxes, drop-down lists, open questions, etc. Investigate and improve the efficiency of different pages on your website by setting different contact forms and see from which page most queries come. In general, a contact form gives you a lot of flexibility to adjust the approach to your website’s users.

Why is it important?

Interact better with the visitors of your website and provide an opportunity to easily reach you.

Providing an opportunity for easy communication levels up your customer care and increases the chance for successful deals.

Structure your business communication process better and explore how efficient your marketing efforts are.

Distribution of Contact Forms across the website:

There are various options to display contact forms. Here are some suggestions:

Contact Page – Visitors will most likely expect to find a contact page if they want to reach you. It gives you space and flexibility to put more elements like social media buttons, a map, business hours, a video, etc.

Lightbox – Opening a contact form in Lightbox also gives you space to feature more information. The advantage is that after users contact you they can easily go back to the page they were looking at.

Website’s pages – A good approach is to have contact forms in pages featuring your services, or other information. Users can easily reach you while they read about the solutions you can provide them.

In blog’s sidebar – Creating useful content, related to your services is fundamental and when visitors read it they may want to know more. So, to use the content better put a contact form right next to it.

Footer – Another common place where users may expect to find a way to reach you.

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