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Present your images and content better by using galleries and sliders!

More About Galleries and Sliders + Image Effects:


You have a lot of images and want to show them on your website? No worries you can easily do that by using a gallery. This way all the images can be sorted and properly displayed. The advantages of using a gallery are a lot. Among them are that you will be able to better manage the images, easily set which of them you want to display at a specific page. As well as optimize the performance, provide easy navigation, include some appearance and visualization effects, and more.

Image Effects:

To sort the images is great, but you also may want to display them in a better way. This is where some visual effects can be used. For example, you can use animations on loading the image to draw attention to it. Also Flip-Box, Zoom, Outline, and other effects on hover to present more information or just highlight the image when it is selected/hovered. Additionally, images can be clipped, inserted into a frame or border, presented with shadow, glow, and more catchy effects.

A piece of advice:

In terms of better SEO fill the alt tags of the images and give the files a name related to what they represent.

Why is this important?

Arranged content and images help you to present different elements of your website in a better way.

Galleries help you display your website’s images in a well-sorted way.

By using sliders and carousels you can feature images and content that you want to highlight.


In a slider, you can present several images, texts, articles, or other elements in the same position of the page. Those elements will slide on click or just rotate on autoplay. It is a powerful tool to feature some of your best or latest content or images. Sliders most commonly are used in the top part of a website, but you can place them wherever it works best for you. You can also style a slider and display different elements of it, such as arrows, pagination, a frame, etc.


Carousels are very similar to sliders. What is different is that they rotate the images, articles, or other content and create a 3D feeling. So eventually a carousel could be an endless loop. It is a also good way of presenting more that one element at a time and have a smooth transition between the rotating elements.

Another piece of advice:

To ensure a good performance of your website always scale your images in the required sizes, compress them, and do not upload too large files (let’s say that anything over 200 KB could be considered as large). By using GTmetrix you can see how are you performing on those and do you need optimizations.

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