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Reliable hosting and a suitable domain name are essential for your website!

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A website consists of different types of files and a database. They contain all the information necessary to display it (scripts, images, texts). And when a user goes to a certain page of your website part of those are being loaded. To ensure that they will be online and accessible, your website will work properly and the downtime will be minimum a good and reliable hosting is required!

However, good hosting doesn’t only mean that it will store your website on a server. It is a competitive niche and web hosting companies are improving their services all the time. So a good hosting company also provides a high level of security for your website. It helps you improve your website speed by offering caching solutions, good infrastructure, the latest version of PHP, and other technologies that will make it faster. Offers a reliable 24/7 support ready to assist you all the time. Builds features for easier management of your hosting account and your website. And a lot more that can help you with your online presence, save you time and make you feel that your website is in good hands.

SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate is pretty much a must nowadays. Otherwise, your website will not be reliable for users, search engines will not take you seriously, and browsers like Google Chrome will even put a mark saying that your website is “Not Secure” next to your domain in the address bar.

The SSL certificate enables you to provide users with secure connection HTTPS when they are browsing through your website. But it doesn’t end with just installing it, you should also check for all resources that load under HTTP and fix them to load under HTTPS. Good hosting companies assist you with that or have an automized process by which you can do it easily with just a few clicks.

Why is this important?

Good and reliable hosting ensures that your website will be online and kept secure. Moreover, it helps you to increase your website speed, provides you with easy management and additional benefits.

The domain name represents your website and online users will associate your business with it. Being the identity of your website the domain name plays a major role in your entire digital strategy.

Along with the domain and hosting having an SSL certificate and providing a secure HTTPS connection is of great importance for your website. Otherwise, your website will be marked as “Not Secure” by Google.


One of the main elements that reflect your website is the domain name. It should be associated with the main purpose of your website, easy to remember and easy to spell. The domain name consists of the name of your website plus a domain extension. The most popular domain extension is .com with almost half of all the registered domains in the world using it. Other popular are .net, .org, .eu and there are thousands of more area-specific extensions called New gTLDs such as .store, .online, .lawyer, etc. Another type of domain extensions are the country code domains such as, .fr, .de, .ru, .bg, etc.

When you plan your digital strategy you should consider carefully what your domain name should be and what extension to use. As you may also use different domains for different markets or purposes. For example, you can have your .com domain for the international market along with country-code domains for local markets.

How can I help you?

I have worked for the leading web hosting company in Bulgaria (SuperHosting.BG) for three and a half years. During this time I gained a lot of experience in hosting and domain services. So as a part of your website development process, I can assist you in choosing a reliable hosting partner for it and help you with some configurations in the hosting account. I can also help you to create emails with your domain name so that your correspondence is associated with your brand.

As part of your entire digital strategy, I can assist you to choose and register an appropriate domain name/s that will suit your marketing purposes. And to make sure that your website is set to load under a secure HTTPS connection I can help you with the SSL certificate and website configurations related to it.

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