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Connect your online channels by using social media buttons and increase efficiency!

More About Social Media Buttons:

To increase the efficiency of your online presence you should try to position your brand in more channels where you can interact with your audiences. Creating business profiles and pages in different social media are of great importance to increase the traffic towards your website, increase popularity, and build loyal followers. Using social media effectively also has a positive effect on your SEO. Your website and social media work together as a part of your online mix, so they should be integrated as well as possible.

From your social media pages, you send visitors to your website through sharing articles, pages, or other types of content. To have a process that works both ways and get more out of your efforts you can also help people find those social media pages from your website. Sometimes potential clients want to see more about your business and how you interact with people exactly in social media. It can make you look more reliable.

To connect your social media with your website you can use social media buttons. Those buttons can perform different actions such as link toward a specific social media, a like or share button for some social media, subscribe button for YouTube, and more. They can be placed in the footer of your website, contacts page, a contact form, next to the articles in your blog, or wherever it works best for you.

Why are they important?

Integrating social media and your website improves the efficiency of your online mix.

Providing an opportunity for visitors to find you through different channels makes you look more reliable.

Users can engage better with your content by sharing it easily on social media and following your pages there.

Suggestions for social media buttons:

Facebook – Include a “Like” button to your Facebook page. A “Share” button to you articles or other content. As well as, a link to your Facebook page or profile.

Twitter – Add “Tweet” button to share your content in Twitter. A “Follow” button to your Twitter profile. Or a link to your profile/page.

LinkedIn – Here you can also add “Share” and “Follow” buttons, or just a link to your page/profile.

YouTube – A “Subscribe” button will make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Or just add a link to your channel.

Other options – A button with link to Instagram profile, “Pin” button to share content in Pinterest, buttons for Reddit, Medium, Tumblr and many more. You can also have RSS and email subscribe buttons.

Open Graph protocol:

By setting Open Graph meta tags you can control what content to be displayed in social media when someone shares a link from your website. This includes title, description and image that will be displayed when a page or an article is shared.

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