Video Channel on YouTube – Official Opening!

A place where you can watch interesting videos related to Digital Marketing!

3, 2, 1… Action!  It’s time to officially open my video channel and I am more than happy about it.  Initially, my idea was to start it on July 1, 2019, but it turned out that fate had prepared something much more exciting in personal terms. And just when, a month and a half ago, I was making an intro video for my channel on a beach in Varna, I met the love of my life and completely fell for her. Now filled with much more enthusiasm and love. And after I had time to think through a lot of details to make my channel even better, it’s time to say “Start”.

On my video channel I will post interesting videos on topics related to Digital Marketing. Resources that I hope will be useful for anyone who is in anyway connected to or even just start to enter the Digital World. My idea is to keep most videos short so that they tell as much meaningful information as possible within 3 to 5 minutes. Because I know how valuable time is for each of us.  🙂


A little background for me and how the idea for this channel originated. I have been engaged in digital marketing for almost 10 years.  In 2010, I had my first contact with building WordPress websites, SEO Optimization, Facebook Marketing, Email Campaigns, and I started attending IT Events. I fell in love with marketing and enrolled in this major at UNWE.

However, I got into the depths of online marketing when in 2014 I started working at the leading hosting company in Bulgaria – SuperHosting.BG. During the period there (until the spring of 2018), learning from the best specialists in Bulgaria, I had the opportunity to participate in numerous projects and campaigns. By learning from practice I gained a lot of experience. In addition, during this period I was lucky enough to meet many people specialists in the field of digital marketing in Bulgaria.

After a pause of several months in my professional development in 2018.  When I had a difficult but very instructive period in my life.

At the end of 2018. I started working at one of the top WordPress Development agencies in the world – DevriX. During the time I spent there, I also learned a lot of things related to the online presence of larger enterprises, some details of marketing and sales that apply to markets outside Bulgaria, and a lot of things about WordPress. During this period, I also stepped up my involvement as a speaker at events related to the digital community.

And from the summer of 2019, I decided to try and take the path of the digital enthusiast myself.

The idea of ​​video content and video channel

How did the idea for this video channel come about? It all started with the Digital4Varna event that took place at the end of June. Being in the field of digital marketing for almost 10 years and experiencing sentimental value to my hometown – Varna. I had a great desire to be a speaker at the event. To present something interesting, something that will be useful to the audience.

The theme of the event was “SEO and Content Marketing” and looking at the list of previously announced speakers. I thought to myself,  these people are closely profiled in SEO and Content Marketing, they are well-established professionals and this is at the heart of what they do. I also have some knowledge, but by now I wouldn’t be called such a great SEO or Content marketing specialist. And in thinking about my strengths, I focused on the fact that I know a lot of specialists in the field.

Then the idea came to me that I could interview some of these professionals. And to share with people the answers to questions that interest us in a successful SEO and Content marketing strategy. So really valuable information to reach the audience of the event.

I contacted some of the most influential experts in Bulgaria and started filming. And in the period of about two weeks I was shooting, I thought again:  Why should I restrict all this useful information to the event audience? It would be much better to make it accessible to anyone with an interest in digital marketing. And so the idea for the video channel was born.

The purpose of the video channel

Reflecting on the idea, I said more deeply – now you’re going to shoot some videos, play them, and then …? And then I decided that anyone who is part of the digital community in Bulgaria would benefit if I do such resources on a regular basis. Where I can show best practices, useful tools, trends, tips, case studies, and ideas on how to improve our online presence. I am passionate about this idea, and take it seriously!

What to expect?

The first series of videos is about “SEO questions and answers that intrigue us about a successful SEO strategy”. It consists of 8 short videos. Within which, experts share valuable tips on how to optimize our SEO strategy and what to focus on. And more specifically:

 1. Hosting and Domain – SEO point of view

 2. Speed ​​and performance of WordPress websites

 3. Link building, Domain Age, URL, and Authority

 4. Meta data and internal resources

 5. Mobile version, optimization tips

 6. Paid-organic mix, PPC and SEO

 7. Social networks and SEO

 8. Viral and relevant content

In the future I plan to make videos on topics related to: WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Sales, eCommerce, Software Development, PPC, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Video Marketing, and many more interesting topics related to digital marketing that excite us.

 And so we officially say ‘Start’, enjoy watching and expect interesting videos and articles!

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