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Attractive design and good user experience (UX) retain visitiors!

More About Web Design and UX (User Experience):

Attractive Web Design:

Your website is the main place that represents your business online. And unlike the pages on social media platforms, you have full control of the appearance! When someone visits your website it is exactly the appearance that makes the first impression. This is why having an attractive Web Design is of great importance.

If people like your website they will most probably stay longer, visit it again, and even refer it to other users. In order to make your website good enough a lot of factors should be considered. Such as content, speed, the value that you give to users, and others. But having all of that wrapped in a beautiful design completes the masterpiece of your digital presence.

In one way or another, web design affects many aspects of your digital strategy. For example, if your website’s appearance drives users to engage more with your content this enhances your SEO, and search engines will list you higher. Another example, if your website’s design is beautiful and retains users coming from your Facebook Ads, then your Facebook campaign will be more successful. So having an attractive design has also a practical significance along with the visual effect.

Why is this important?

Helps users to find information on your website easier, which could increase conversions.

Leaves a mark in user’s mind and helps to increase your brand loyalty and awareness.

When users like your website and can easily find what they are looking for all of your digital marketing campaigns and efforts may be more successful.

Good User Experience (UX):

A very important part of your design is the User Experience that you will provide visitors with. Having a good UX means that users will be able to easily interact with your website and find what they came for. It is about how your content is structured, how you guide visitors, where do different parts of your website lead to, is it clear enough, is it easy enough.

Providing a good UX also retains people on your website and helps you engage more with them. And it plays a major role in your overall digital strategy increasing the effect of all other online activities (SEO, Social Media Campaigns, Google Ads, etc.) that lead towards your website.

Tools: There are a lot of ways to see how users interact with your website and respectfully see how good your UX is. Some of the tools you may use are:

Google Analytics – Gives your lots of detailed reports on your website page visits. How long did users stayed on a specific page, what are the demographics of those users, and much more.

Hotjar – Provides you with Heatmaps and visitor recordings, Feedback Polls, Analysis tools, and more cool tools to see the behavior of your website’s visitors.

Crazyegg – Gives visitors Heatmaps and recordings, along with A/B Testing and other analysis tools.

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