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Primary Website Elements:

Responsive Version:

Why is this important?

Having a responsive version ensures that people who visit your website from a Mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) will have a proper user experience. This significantly increases the chance that you will engage better with Mobile users. Moreover, having a mobile-friendly website has become a vital factor for better listing in search engines.

Speed and Performance:

Why is this important?

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The time for which your website loads is an essential factor that should be considered when building it and constantly monitored afterward. It affects User Experience, SEO, and your overall digital strategy.

Web Design and UX:

Why is this important?

Having a beautiful web design makes a good impression in visitors. Providing a good User Experience (UX) means that users will be able to easily interact with your website and find what they came for. If people like your website and interact easily with it they will most probably stay longer, visit it again, and even refer it to others.

Website Navigation and Pages:

Why is this important?

A good website structure suggests that your content will be divided into different pages each of which is well-optimized and reflects a certain aspect of the website. Website Navigation helps users to find different pages of the website. The easier you present relevant information to users, the better engagement you will have with them.

Hosting and Domain:

Why is this important?

Hosting is where your website is located. Reliable hosting provides a high-level of security, website speeding solutions, good support, and more. The domain name is the identity of your website and should be associated with your marketing purposes. Another essential part is the SSL certificate and HTTPS connection.

Additional Website Elements:

Building a Blog:

Why is this important?

Having a website builds the fundamentals of your digital presence. However, once you create your website you also want to drive more traffic to it. Building a blog and publishing regularly useful content related to your business is one of the most powerful ways to get more visitors and enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Galleries and Sliders:

Why is this important?

Galleries help you to sort and better manage the images on your website. Presenting those images and the content in a well-arranged way improves the user experience. Adding catchy visual effects can bring to a better style and appearance. And by using sliders you can feature different parts of your content or certain images.

Contact Form:

Why is this important?

Contact Forms are a powerful tool that can help increase your quality queries! They give you an opportunity to set the course of communication, prompt users to write to you, analyze the efficiency of different website pages, and more. A contact form gives the flexibility to adjust the approach to your website’s users.

Social Media Buttons:

Why is this important?

Your website is part of your online marketing mix along with all of your pages and profiles in social media. To increase the efficiency of your digital presence you should connect them properly. Here comes the use of social media buttons in your website. They will help you to engage better with users across all of your online networks.

Multilingual Website:

Why is this important?

Having a multilingual website helps you to globalize your business, reach more users, and increase conversions. Moreover, it makes you look more reliable across local markets. Along with translating the content, you should also consider the domain structure, using localized URL slugs, website speed from different locations, etc.

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