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One of the most important elements that should be considered when building your website is making it easy for users to find the information that they are looking for. Website Navigation helps users to find different pages of the website through menus. Those menus can be located in the header (the most common case), sidebar, footer, or within the content depending on what works best for you. But no matter where your website navigation is located it should be easily assessable.

Another important part is to consider how to arrange the menus within the Website Navigation. Structure the menus and sub-menus into related categories. Consider what the depth of the navigation should be, how much levels of inner sub-menus should be created so that your website content stays easily discoverable.

Thе menus can be styled in various ways, using drop-downs, special outlines, boxes, different animations, etc.

As a part of the Website Navigation, a Search field could be added, so that users can type a specific keyword or keyphrase and quickly find what they are looking for.

Why is this important?

Website Navigation guides visitors through your website, which affects User-Experience, SEO, and the efficiency of your digital marketing campaigns.

Website Pages outline different aspects of your website and respectfully your business. The more specific they are, the more relevant information you will provide to visitors of your website.

A well-structured website could increase the time that users spend on your website.


Your website reflects your activities and the essence of your business. A good structure suggests that your content will be divided into different pages each of which reflects a certain aspect of the website. This helps you to precisely filter your content and present to visitors the information that they are looking for. The more relevant you are to what users search, the better engagement you will have with them. Which could bring better results to all of your digital marketing efforts!

Dividing content into pages is very important, but this is just the beginning. The optimization of each of these pages is what makes a difference! Elements as URLs of the pages, Titles, Descriptions, UX, Internal and External Links, Page Speed, and more should be carefully considered. And of course, the primary is the content that you will display into those pages.

Each page could have its own piece of design, but as a part of the entire website, it should follow the main appearance. However, you can decide what to display and what not on different pages based on what works best for you!

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